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On the evening of the 25th, the 2014 Australian Open ended the competition for the women's singles final. China's Jinhua Li Na defeated Slovakian Cibulkova to win her second Grand Slam. The Australian Open won Li Na both fame and fortune. In addition to the 1410 million (RMB, the same below) bonus, Li Na’s points will also reach 6570, only 11 points less than Azarenka. The Chinese sister is also expected to come next month. Created the second place in Asian history in the world.

  1400 million in the first month of the new year


Li Na referred to the 2013 season as the most stable season, with an annual bonus of 2400 million yuan. The first month of this year's bonus was more than half of last year. In 2014, Li Na became more "mature" in stability. In the words of "Sports Illustrated", the first sister of China has been upgraded to version 2.0, and the bonus has exceeded 2400 million last year. It is not impossible to double it.

  Fame, fortune, ranking, sitting 3, looking 2 next month is expected to surpass Azarenka

Last year, on October 10th, Li Na came to the world's third place, setting a new high in individual and Asian singles rankings. Although she was overtaken by Shahwa at the beginning of this year, after reaching the final of the Australian Open, Li Na's ranking was guaranteed to return to the third place in the world.

After winning the Daphne Cup for the first time, Li Na's points will reach 6570, only 11 points less than the world's second Azarenka. The Belarusian was the champion of Doha last year and will have 900 points to be guaranteed. The Chinese first sister is very likely to surpass Azarenka in February to become second in the world, setting a new personal and Asian player record.

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