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When Li Na lifted the Susan Langlen Cup in 2011, our emotions were unexpected, pleasantly surprised, shocked, and moved. Time is fleeting. When Li Na again picked up the Daphne Ackhurst Memorial Cup in 2014, we were still happy, excited, and still moved, but the emotions also contained a certainty and a certainty. Australia is Li Na's blessed land. She can reach the semi-finals in four years and three in the finals in four years at the Australian Open alone, but that layer of window paper was not broken until today.

When Na’s age has reached the beginning of the word “3”, her combat effectiveness has become more and more vigorous. Since working with coach Carlos, Li Na has actively sought change. This is almost stereotyped for an old future who is over 30 years old and has an inertial thinking in playing. The difficulty can be imagined. Li Na once said: I know my bottom line ability is very strong, so why should I get on the Internet? But Carlos's answer convinced Sister Na that only change can break through.

Carlos hopes that Li Na can be more proactive in play like Haining back then, breaking through her own limits, and the premise is that she must actively seek change. Being in the top 5 is not what Li Na is pursuing. The goal is to reach the top three or even hit the top spot. According to Li Na's position at that time, it is inevitable if there is no breakthrough. In order to pursue her second Grand Slam championship, Li Na is willing to make some changes, and the changes brought to her are the US Open semi-finals and Australian Open champions, and of course, the next world ranking second.

A few weeks ago in Shenzhen, Li Na expressed her expectations for 2014, "The goal for 2014, I hope I can win another Grand Slam championship!" Only three weeks later, Sister Na realized it at Melbourne Park. In her promise, she became the 12th player to win the Australian Open women's singles championship in the Open era, and China also became the 12th country to "make" the Australian Open women's singles championship.

Before the final, we saw Li Na’s brilliant smile wearing a five-star red flag again, and she said in an interview: “I have no choice as to which country I grew up in, but I love my Country, you can see how many people stood behind me and supported me after winning the French Open. If someone asked me where I came from, I would proudly say from a city called Wuhan in China, the small town is not big, and Just over 1000 million people."

Although tennis is an individual event, there is no doubt that Li Na has won the French Open and the Australian Open one after another, which has had a huge impact and made significant contributions to Chinese tennis and even Asian tennis. After Li Na won the French Open in 2011, the ambassador to France once said that Li Na's victory is more effective than any propaganda we do. The local mainstream media has reported Li Na and China in a prominent position for 7 consecutive days. This is Li Na's influence!

Li Na certainly cannot represent the whole of China, but she can make the world understand China better. When European and American countries ruled tennis for decades, China Na, who was humorous and funny in the eyes of foreign media, not only broke this ruling situation, but also remained among the top players for a long time. There are many meteors passing by in tennis, but Li Na is definitely not of that type. Even though her career has entered the middle and late stages, she radiated brighter and more dazzling light!

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