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This is the third time that Li Na has played in the Australian Open women's singles final. The first time was in 2011. At that time, she was reversed by the Belgian star Kristels and missed her career after winning one set in the final. Great opportunity for the first Grand Slam champion of his career.

When she returned to the Australian Open final stage in 2013, Li Na was already the French Open champion, but when facing defending champion Azarenka, Li Na accidentally fell twice after winning the first set and finally lost another good game. Won his second Australian Open women's singles runner-up.

As the saying goes, there are no more than three things. This year Li Na made a comeback again, carrying the aftermath of defending her title in Shenzhen for the first time. After coming to Melbourne, she showed a very good state, except for the shocking scene facing Czech player Safanova in the third round. In addition, her advantage in the remaining games is very obvious. After beating Canadian star Bouchard in the semifinals, Li Na made her third Australian Open women's singles final.

In the final, facing the amazing Slovak star Cibulkova, Li Na suffered a hard fight in the first set. She once wasted her serve to win the game, and finally won in a thrilling 7 innings. In the second set, Li Na completely controlled. In the end, a duck egg was sent in 6 consecutive rounds and finally won his first Australian Open women's singles championship trophy.

Since the Open era, only five veterans over the age of 30 have reached the women’s singles finals at the Australian Open, including Li Na last year. Among these five players, only the local Australian celebrity Scott played in 1973. Defeated her opponent to win the championship, but she was not yet 31 years old. Li Na now has one month to celebrate her 32nd birthday. Today's victory makes her the oldest women's singles champion in the history of the Australian Open.

It is also worth mentioning that Li Na is also the fourth player in the Australian Open women’s singles history to have resolved the opponent’s match point in the process of winning. The previous three are Seles, Capriati and Serena. This year In the third round, Li Na faced the Czech player Safanova once to resolve a match point.

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