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Holding up the Australian Open Daphne trophy, stepping on the gentle sand of Melbourne's waterfront, the sunshine in the southern hemisphere is not as good as Na's smile. On January 1, Australian Open champion Li Na enjoyed the routine benefits of a Grand Slam champion in Melbourne-taking a photo with a trophy. Filled with the happiness of the champion, what she wants most is to squeeze home during the Spring Festival.

Photo not afraid of panda hands

Because of the arrival of the Australian Open champion, the waterfront around Port Phillip Bay was very lively. Hundreds of reporters squatted early on the spot where Sister Na was going to take pictures. After winning the French Open last time, she wore a Chinese-style gauze skirt. This time, her dress was very simple-a blue tight skirt. For half a month, the scorching sunshine in Australia has destroyed Sister Na’s complexion very dark, and her arms have become "panda hands", but she didn’t mind, she didn’t conceal or groom herself, and walked confidently. Beach.

After taking the photo, Sister Na also opened a bottle of champagne with the team. The splashing white foam, accompanied by Sister Na's open smile, melted into the blue sky and sea, happy, natural and real.

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Not afraid to squeeze the Spring Festival transport home

On January 1, almost all of the headlines in China's domestic newspapers were dedicated to Sister Na. Even the front page of "People's Daily" was Sister Na. Not to mention sweeping all sports editions, how lethal "Na Whirlwind" is.

After gaining both fame and fortune, Sister Na had any plans. An Australian reporter asked Sister Na if she planned to stay for a few more days, and even considered living in Melbourne after retiring. This over-enthusiastic invitation, Sister Na joked humorously, "Forget it, I'll go home for the Spring Festival." In fact, it is Sister Na's biggest wish to go home for the New Year. "The good thing is that I won the championship. I went home to celebrate the New Year with my mother."

The Spring Festival Gala will never go

In fact, after reaching the Australian Open finals for the first time in 2011, it became a hot wish for netizens to let Sister Na go to the Spring Festival Gala. At that time, Sister Na had tactfully refused. Three years later, the dream came true in Melbourne, and netizens shouted for the Spring Festival Gala again. After winning the championship, fans frantically "circled" Feng Xiaogang, the director of the Spring Festival Gala on Weibo, and left a message: "Director Feng, Li Na is very hot, it can't be justified if you don't go to the Spring Festival Gala!"

Some media reporters immediately threw this question to Sister Na. "What if the director of the Spring Festival Gala Feng Xiaogang calls Li Na to invite Li Na to the Spring Festival Gala?" Sister Na gave the answer very aggressively: "I (will turn off my phone) I will not go to the Spring Festival Gala. I rarely have time to spend time with my family. I will be at home and will not accept any invitation." Sister Na will return to Wuhan this week. As for when she will return to the stadium, there is no news yet.

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