Female heads are common in Chinese families, but Li Na is the first female athlete headed. This started with the "decentralization reform" of the network management center after the Beijing Olympics.

During the London Olympics cycle, "professional players" such as Li Na and Zheng Jie no longer need to pay 8% to 12% of bonuses and business development income to the network management center. Jiang Hongwei, the former head coach of the national tennis team, commented on this:" In the past, direct management was equivalent to'flying a kite', and now indirect management is equivalent to'flying a satellite'. Only in this way can athletes be put into a truly professional international orbit."

After separating from the network management center, Li Na, who has become a self-employed person, has really become a "Chinese satellite" in the international tennis world.

In terms of numbers, in the 2011 CCTV5 live broadcast of Li Na’s French Open, the national ratings reached 2.75, with a total viewership of approximately 9577 million. With the addition of CCTV news channels, the national viewership reached 1.6 million, which is equivalent to this year’s popularity. The sum of the daily average audience size of the broadcast "Let's Get Married" on CCTV and Hunan Satellite TV. In the era of eyeball economy, Li Na two years ago and Gao Yuanyuan this year had a good fight.

Measured by influence, Li Na has long been used to becoming the headlines of major media. The Australian media once evaluated Li Na’s commercial value with the title "Li Na surpasses the Sydney Opera House": Compared with the previous year, the ticket sales of the Australian Open in 2012 increased by nearly 30% in China, and as many as 50 Chinese came. Going on vacation in Australia, and this number may double in the next five years, all of which are attributed to the "Li Na effect."

After Li Na reached the top of the French Open, the world’s three major financial media-the British "Financial Times", Japan's "Sankei Shimbun" and the US "Wall Street Journal" successively analyzed Li Na's commercial value, and their estimates were all More than 2 million yuan. (Jinling Evening News)