Li Na was exploded with a commercial value of over XNUMX million, she actually led the Australian tourism industry

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Female heads are common in Chinese families, but Li Na is the first female athlete headed. This started with the "decentralization reform" of the network management center after the Beijing Olympics.

During the London Olympics cycle, "professional players" such as Li Na and Zheng Jie no longer need to pay 8% to 12% of bonuses and business development income to the network management center. Jiang Hongwei, the former head coach of the national tennis team, commented on this:" In the past, direct management was equivalent to'flying a kite', and now indirect management is equivalent to'flying a satellite'. Only in this way can athletes be put into a truly professional international orbit."


用数字说话,2011年CCTV5的李娜法网夺冠的那场比赛,全国收视率达到2.75,收视总人数约9577万,加上CCTV新闻频 道,全国收视总人数高达1.6亿,这相当于今年的热播剧《咱们结婚吧》在央视一套和湖南的日均观众规模之和。经济时代,两年前的李娜和今年的高圆 圆有得一拼。

用影响力来衡量,李娜早已习惯成为各大媒体的头条。澳大利亚媒体曾以《李娜超过悉尼歌剧院》为题评价李娜的商业价值: 相比前一年,2012年澳网的销售量在中国增长了将近30%,有多达50万名中国人来到澳洲度假,而这一数字在5年内可能还会翻一番,这些都归功 于“李娜效应”。

After Li Na reached the top of the French Open,三大财经媒体——'》、日本《产经新闻》和美国《》Analyzed Li Na’s commercial value successively, and their estimated figures were all higher than 2 million yuan. (Jinling Evening News)

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