Welcome to the Asian Century of Tennis

Published 26 January 2014, 18:46 AEST
Compilation, writing: Fang Teng, writing: Hutchinson

After Li Na, a well-known tennis sister in China, won the French Open women's singles championship in 2011, XNUMX million Chinese people became keen on tennis. This time, Li Na won the Australian Open Grand Slam again, which will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Australian Open, which is positioned as a grand slam in the Asia-Pacific region. The Asian century of tennis seems to have arrived.

li na Li Na's success opens the Asian century of tennis (Credit: ABC Licensed)

During Li Na's final battle at the Australian Open this year, judging from the boiling situation of Chinese social media, tennis has once again become a hot topic among people, especially young people. It is certain that Li Na's performance in the Australian Open in 2014 will definitely allow more Chinese teenagers to enter the world of tennis. The public's attention to tennis as a sport will also increase.

Facts have proved that Li Na’s past brilliant record has attracted thousands of Chinese children to pick up tennis rackets. In recent years, various sports commissions under the Chinese government have also established tennis training centers. Tennis Australia has also established tennis training centers. Actively cooperate with China to continuously promote the acceptance and popularity of tennis. Tennis has become an increasingly important sport in China. According to reports, the State Sports Commission of China regards tennis as an integral part of the new Olympic strategy. The Australian Tennis Association, the organizer of the Australian Open, has tried to increase the Australian Open’s attractiveness among the next generation of China by inviting Chinese caddies to communicate with the Australian Open since last year.

The success of Li Na flying solo-from huge bonuses to sponsorship opportunities, coupled with the image and treatment of the star class, has brought a strong attraction to China's growing middle class for children to enter the world of tennis.

Chinese media reports on the Australian Open have also increased. Take this Australian Open as an example. About 30 Chinese journalists came to the Australian Open to report on the spot. The number of hours that Chinese TV stations broadcast live on the Australian Open is also rapidly increasing.

On Chinese social networking sites, Li Na's fans reached 1400 million. The Australian Open has also seen the importance of social media. Since last year, the Australian Open has launched an official Weibo in Chinese to report the results of the game in real time and organize a lucky draw.

Not only that, the number of Chinese fans who made a special trip to Australia to watch the Australian Open is also increasing. At the same time, the Australian Open is also promoting tennis in the Australian Chinese community, hoping that the participation of the Chinese can also be brought to a higher level.