Sydney Today, April 4th, Australia Eastern Time, apartment-style housing seems to be the best investment choice for those AirFlyers, but in fact, more and more busy urban white-collar workers are also choosing to invest in urban apartment-style housing. . In fact, for urban white-collar workers, out-of-towners, and those who do not like to travel long distances, small apartments in the center of the city are the ideal real estate investment objects.

David Cater-Cameron is an IT manager. He has been working for an IT company in Sydney for several years and recently became a full-time teacher at the University of Sydney. Although he has a property in Lake Macquarie, which is a permanent home he bought for his children and his wife, he has been renting an apartment in the city for four years.

He said that this decision was made four years ago, because he spends more than 15 hours a week on the way to and from get off work, which is really not an ideal lifestyle. "Now that I have a full-time stable job in Sydney, I decided not to continue paying rent," he said. "Rents are rising rapidly and have now exceeded the CPI. I think now is the time to invest in buying a house in the city."

Cater-Cameron said that he had already taken a fancy to a small apartment in another location, where he would spend most of the working day. He also said that investing in an apartment is a good long-term retirement plan. "I hope to retire in the next three or four years, but for most people who are in a similar situation to me, this is impossible. It will take us at least six years to retire," he emphasized. "So, to get away from the endless rent, owning your own place of residence in the city is a necessary choice. And finally, when you retire, this investment will make you double the profit, which will greatly improve my retirement. Life later."

Nuri Shik of the housing agency told reporters that there are still many people like Cater-Cameron. "We have encountered a lot of people who own a residence in the suburbs and want to own an apartment in the city. Some people buy an apartment as an investment, but most people have a permanent job in the city. I don’t want to pay the rent endlessly.” Shik also said that the city center, Potts Point and Elizabeth Bay are popular locations, and many home buyers want to find a well-located apartment in these places. And if these apartments are equipped with independent and secure garages, they will be very popular.

In the past, it was very difficult for housing agencies to sell apartment houses, but now the trend has reversed. Although the overall real estate market is currently sluggish, the sales and prospects of urban apartment-style houses are still very optimistic.