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Editor: Beibei

Today, the court sentenced the defendant Lu Yueting to life imprisonment for the crime of throwing dangerous substances. In 2008, some people in Japan and Chengde, China were poisoned after eating quick-frozen dumplings from Hebei Tianyang Food Factory. After investigation, the defendant Lu Yueting was dissatisfied with the factory's wages and used a syringe to inject methamidophos into the quick-frozen dumplings in the cold storage.

It is understood that on the afternoon of January 2008, 1, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Welfare and Welfare notified the AQSIQ of China through the Chinese Embassy in Japan about the food poisoning of some Japanese consumers who consumed quick-frozen dumplings produced by the Shijiazhuang Tianyang Food Processing Plant. On the same day, Japanese media reported that from the end of December 30 to January 2007, 12, a total of 2008 people from three families in Chiba and Hyogo prefectures in Japan ate quick-frozen dumplings produced by Tianyang Foods Processing Factory in Hebei Province, China. Later, symptoms of poisoning such as vomiting and diarrhea appeared successively.

After the poisoning incident, in an attitude of being highly responsible to consumers in both countries, the Chinese government selected experts from all over the country for investigations and inspections and set up a task force. The Chinese police has invested a lot of police force in visits and investigations, overcoming the long lag between the time of the crime and the time when the crime was committed, and the lack of objective physical evidence at the scene, and carried out a lot of arduous and meticulous investigation work.

After two consecutive years of unremitting efforts, in March 2010, the Chinese police announced the detection of the case. On April 3, 2010, with the approval of the People's Procuratorate of Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, Lu Yueting, a criminal suspect in the "Poison Dumpling Case", was arrested in accordance with the law on suspicion of throwing dangerous substances.