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Migrant workers raised a placard for help. Picture from Jianhu City Forum

"A year of hard-earned money is lost, how do you go home!" Recently, WeChat netizen "New Sanwu Talent" asked Hyundai Express for help, saying that at 14 noon on the 12th, he hurriedly took a bus with a The handbag of 14 cash was forgotten on the tricycle. It was the hard money of five workers who worked on the construction site, including him. Yesterday, the reporter learned that five workers came from Sichuan. They came to Jianhu County, Yancheng to work for one year, and 5 was the remaining wages of a few of them. At present, all parties involved in the construction of the lake are fully searching.

Careless: 14 salary lost

The netizen "New Three No Talents" is named Sun Qinghao, from Nanchong, Sichuan, 37 years old this year. "I have been working at the Jianhu construction site for 1 year. I set up scaffolding on the construction site. I usually receive 1500 yuan per month for living expenses. The remaining year-end bills are paid." Sun Qinghao told reporters that he introduced the other four people from his hometown. After all the wages are collected by him, they are distributed uniformly.

"Three people went back to their hometown on December 3, 2013. I will take the rest of the salary back." At noon on January 12, Sun Qinghao and fellow villager He Longwu were waiting for settlement at the construction site. "We only got it after 28 o'clock. For the money, five people took a total of 1. They were going to take a bus to Shanghai at noon, and then take a train from Shanghai back to Nanchong.” They decided to catch this bus because they knew there was a bus bound for Shanghai in Jianhu at 14:12 noon. car.

Sun Qinghao works at the second phase of the New Century Garden in the east of Jianhu County, and the station is on the west, about 3 kilometers away. Coincidentally, as soon as Sun Qinghao and He Longwu walked out of the construction site with their bags and luggage, they encountered a tricycle, so they negotiated a toll of 10 yuan to send them to the station.

Just when the tricycle drove to the intersection of Xiangyang West Road and Taiping Road in Jianhu County, they happened to encounter the bus that Sun Qinghao and He Longwu were going to take to Shanghai, and they moved their luggage from the tricycle to the bus. In a hurry, they forgot the handbag containing the salary of 14 on the tricycle.

Anxious: Workers wait for the money to marry a wife

When the bus drove out 200 meters, Sun Qinghao suddenly thought of the handbag. After the two did not find the bag on the bus, they immediately ran back to look for the tricycle, but the tricycle was long gone. Anxious and helpless, the two decisively chose to call the police.

The police from the police station in Jianhu County led them to check the surveillance of the road section that day, but unfortunately, only a few shots vaguely captured the tricycle. "My handbag is black. In addition to cash, there are accounts of the workers. The tricycle is blue. The driver looks in his 40s and looks like a local accent in Jianhu." Sun Qinghao said, the family of several workers The conditions are not good, and they all hope that the hard-earned money in the past year will be used urgently. “Some are waiting for the money to build a house, and there is a 1-year-old who is waiting for the money to marry a wife.

Very touched: the whole city helps find hard-earned money

The two had no choice but to return to the construction site. "A person in charge of the construction site personally drove us to the street looking for the tricycle." What moved Sun Qinghao and He Longwu was that more than 20 workers also went to Jianhu Street to help find the tricycle. . Not only that, on the evening of the 14th, Jianhu TV broadcasted the revelation of missing objects for them for free. On the 15th, the local forum of Jianhu also followed up on the matter. "We are still investigating and visiting the surrounding people, calling for monitoring, hoping to find useful clues." Zhang Zhicheng, deputy director of the Jianhu City Police Station, told the Modern Express reporter that there are thousands of tricycles in Jianhu County, and none of them are registered or registered. , So it is very difficult to find.

"I didn't fall asleep on the night of the 14th. It's been a day and a half now. I only drank a bowl of porridge." Sun Qinghao said, if it is really lost, anyway, after returning to my hometown, I will have to pay back the workers’ money. I have a responsibility.

As of press time, the 5 wages of the 14 migrant workers still have not fallen.

Police reminder

Don't bring big cash when you go home for the New Year

Today, the 2014 Spring Festival Transport kicks off, and many migrant workers have to bring money home for the New Year. The police reminded to be vigilant and pay attention to the safety of property when returning home. Don't carry large amounts of cash on the road, try to use bank cards, mail or remittances. If you have cash or valuables on your body, you should carry it with you as much as possible, and don't put it around to avoid losing it.