Water tank opera set off the climax of Sydney Arts Festival

Published 17 January 2014, 12:57 AEST

From the eye-catching yellow inflatable rubber ducks to the noble and elegant classical music, the two-week Sydney Arts Festival has kicked off, bringing a variety of entertainment programs to Sydney citizens who are on a hot summer vacation. But the most eye-catching feature of this festival is undoubtedly the water tank opera performance from Germany.

Speaking of the water tank opera, people who are not aware of it might think it is an opera performance in the water tank. It's hard to imagine an opera actor who is as stable as a mountain in the water tank, let alone singing. In fact, this water tank opera program of the Sydney Arts Festival is an opera "Dido and Aeneas" by the 17th century composer Purcell, accompanied by dancers in a giant water tank in front of the stage.

This kind of opera and almost acrobatic underwater performances bring the audience an incomparable visual enjoyment, and it is a great undertaking. The choreographer Sasha Waltz (Sasha Waltz) performed her creation for the first time in Luxembourg in 2005. Six dancers danced in a water tank filled with 7 liters of chlorinated water. Ms. Waltz told the ABC reporter that underwater dancers must show a brisk and abusive atmosphere, but at the same time, this opera is derived from a tragic mythology, interspersed with singers and dancers to show love and pairing. The contradiction between social allegiance.

British opera actor Reuben Willcox (Reuben Willcox) who plays the lead role of Aeneas, and Aurore Ugolin (Aurore Ugolin) who plays the lead role of Dido said that they are related to underwater The dancers face many challenges when performing on the same stage, which makes this performance particularly exciting.

It is reported that as many as 60 performers and technicians of this opera are the most expensive performance of the Sydney Arts Festival. But Lieven Bertels, the director of the Sydney Arts Festival, is determined to make this opera the highlight of the festival, giving the audience a chance to feast their eyes.

This opera starts on January 1th until January 16st.