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According to the latest news, Vodafone Hutchison Australia will appoint Vodafone Romania CEO I?aki Berroeta as the new CEO.

Bill Morrow, the current president of Vodafone-Hutchison Australia, submitted his resignation in December last year in order to assume the leadership of NBN Co., a company that builds a national broadband network. It is believed that Berroeta, born in Spain, will take over Morrow's position.

Although Morrow has previously stated that he will leave Vodafone Australia in March 2014, his abdication may be earlier than expected given that a new CEO candidate has been found. Vodafone Australia is currently implementing a three-year transformation plan to make the company profitable and win back customers. It is a joint venture jointly owned by the British telecommunications giant Vodafone Group and Hong Kong-based Hutchison Whampoa Limited.

At present, Vodafone Australia has not commented on relevant reports, but Morrow has previously stated that the company will quickly regain its vitality. The number of mobile customers of the company will begin to increase in the first half of 2014, reversing the decline in previous years.

Berroeta has served as the President of Vodafone Romania for three years. He also took charge of Vodafone Malta from 2007 to 2010. He has extensive experience in managing software development and sales teams. Vodafone Romania was once a leading mobile phone supplier in the country, but Orange Romania replaced Vodafone Romania in 2004 and has maintained its leading position ever since.

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