Seven Chinese killed in explosion of Indian oil tanker in Daishan, Zhejiang

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Posted on Wednesday, January 2014, 1 29:09

(岱山印度籍油轮爆燃 7名中国人死亡)

        从province生产监督局了解到,28日早上舟山市岱山县一外籍油轮发生爆燃,7人死亡。遇难者Chinese people.

       1月28日7时20分许,一艘停靠在岱山县海舟修造船有限公司B船坞维修的印度籍油轮“橡树号”,在清仓检修过程中发生爆燃,舱内7名作业人员. As of下午,7人全部被搜救出,经确认均已死亡。

       Currently,已经被完全扑灭,The reason is under further investigation.

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