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Yesterday, staff from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government culled poultry at the Cheung Sha Wan Wholesale Market.On that day, the Hong Kong SAR government culled about 2 poultry and suspended all live poultry trading for 21 days.Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government January 1Confirmed that a batch of live chicken samples supplied to Hong Kong from Shunde, Guangdong were confirmed to test positive for H7N9 avian influenza.

Yesterday, the increase in human cases of H7N9 avian influenza: 1 new case in Jiangsu, 3 new cases in Guangdong,4 new cases were added.


The Guangdong Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission announced yesterday that Shenzhen had newly reported 3 confirmed cases of human infection with H7N9 avian influenza.

The Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission notified yesterday that4 new cases of human infection with H7N9 avian influenza.So far,A total of 7 cases of human infection with H9N53 avian influenza were reported this year, and the number of confirmed cases exceeded that of last spring.

It is also understood that among the cases notified this year, there were family clusters in Xiaoshan. Among a family of three, the husband, wife and daughter were infected and became ill. At present, the health department is stepping up epidemiological investigations. Experts say that from current clinical studies, it is found that H7N9 avian influenza does not yet have the ability to effectively spread among the population.

Provincial Health and Family Planning CommissionYe Zhen introduced that in order to effectively control the source of infection, currentlyThe live poultry trading markets have been closed in all areas where the epidemic has been detected.


Xinhua News Agency: The ecology of Internet public opinion has improved significantly

Recently, a false rumor that "a hospital doctor died from the H7N9 avian influenza virus" spread in many places. The background was several deaths from the H7N9 virus in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. In response to false rumors, the health departments of Tianjin, Shenzhen, Xuzhou, Nantong and other places urgently dispelled the rumors through official Weibo and other channels to avoid unnecessary panic among the public.

From spreading rumors to triggering public panic, and finally ending the rumors with officials, reflecting on the Internet rumors that have occurred in recent years, most of them survive in this "viral" form. Although viruses are self-limiting, Internet rumors will eventually stop at the truth. But in the process of spreading rumors, it will produce unexpected harm and impact. For example, the "foreigner rammed Shenyang aunt" on the streets of Beijing was originally an ordinary traffic accident, but because of the misbelief and misrepresentation of netizens, the aunt suffered physical and mental harm. Although "auntie corrupting people" was finally clarified, the fear of being "corrupted" became the public's labeling impression for a time, which caused damage to the positive energy of morality and integrity.

Internet rumors, mostly under the circumstances of uncertainties and the public lack of scientific discrimination, can breed and spread at an extremely fast speed. With some netizens’ onlookers and even fueling the flames, it affects real life and then affects normal social order. This shows that cyberspace is by no means virtual, it is closely connected with real life. The public opinion ecology of the Internet is always closely intertwined with, interacting and influencing with social reality.

Once upon a time, cyberspace was chaotic: fake news, pornography, violence and other bad information appeared from time to time.Since last year,The general goal of "clearing the cyberspace" was put forward. Through the establishment of an online dissemination position of socialist core values, the ecology of Internet public opinion has improved significantly, and the Internet is increasingly becoming an important force to convey and promote mainstream social values ​​and promote social progress.

Nowadays, "positive energy" and "most beautiful" have become hot words for netizens to demonstrate their own quality, recognize and be keen to spread. Like "Shenyang uncle who generously let go of the perpetrators", grassroots heroes continue to emerge, moving thousands of netizens with their love, good deeds and feats. Netizens are inspired by people around them, spread positive energy through websites and media relays, and promote the virtues of the new era.

Under the current situation, purifying cyberspace is not only an important task of the government, but also a responsibility and responsibility for increasingly mature netizens. It is the inescapable social responsibility of netizens and various websites to surf the Internet in a civilized and sensible way, and not to believe or spread rumors. Adhering to the "seven bottom lines" to purify the network environment, so that the rumors can be punished, and the public can be automatically "immunized" against the rumors, so that network rumors have nowhere to take root.

"Eating chicken feet infected with bird flu" rumors detained

 Yesterday, the Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau confirmed that Li, a netizen in Liaoning, had spread the rumors on Weibo that "the first case of H7N9 influenza patient in Liaoning was caused by ingestion of chicken feet with pickled peppers and chicken feet carrying the virus."Administrative detention.

The Shenyang Public Security Bureau’s official Weibo announced that “Recently, a netizen Li (from Kazuo County, Liaoning Province) posted on Weibo that “Shenyang has discovered the first case of H7N9 influenza patient in Liaoning. The condition is related to personal dietary problems. , The expert confirmed that the pickled pepper chicken feet that he ingested contained a large amount of H7N9 virus' information. After investigation by our bureau, the information isInformation, currently Li has been arrested for violating the "Public Security Administration Punishment Law"Subject to administrative detention in accordance with the law. "

A related staff member of the Liaoning Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that there have been no cases of human infection with H7N9 avian influenza in Liaoning Province.

"A case of H4N21 patient was received at 7:9 in the morning yesterday." "The doctor involved in the rescue has been quarantined." "There have been multiple infections." Since January 1, many citizens in Taiyuan City and Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province have reported on WeChat and In Weibo, except for place names, information with almost the same content is reposted in large numbers.

At present, because of spreading rumors to disturb public order, Xinzhou’sA certain was detained administratively for 10 days and sentenced to 500 yuan; Shi and Li in Taiyuan have been administratively detained.

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