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Posted on Friday, January 2014, 1 31:10

Shenzhen closes live poultry trading markets during the Spring Festival

Due to the severe situation of human infection with H7N9 avian influenza recently, Shenzhen City decided to temporarily close all live poultry trading markets (including wholesale and retail markets) in the city during the two consecutive weeks from the first to the fourteenth of the Lunar New Year.


In order to strengthen source control and cut off the path of infection, Shenzhen's human infection H7N9 avian influenza epidemic joint prevention and control mechanism issued an emergency notice on the 30th, and implemented a temporary closure plan for the city’s live poultry trading markets (including wholesale and retail markets). The closure time is from January From 1st to February 31th for two consecutive weeks.

The "Shenzhen Live Poultry Trading Market Temporary Closure Plan" requires market operators to vacate live poultry in advance, and after thorough cleaning, washing and disinfection of stalls, corridors, sewage ditches, and sewers, they close their doors.

According to the plan, Shenzhen district governments (New District Management Committee), health and family planning, market supervision, economic and trade information, urban management and other departments will coordinate and supervise the closed market. (Finish)

Source: China News Network