Driver of muck truck was intercepted for night transport, calling for besieged city management – ​​Australia

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Dump truck driver fighting with steel pipe


Man in urban management uniform fell to the ground


City ManagementUnder investigation

Last night, the Fengtai Urban Management Law Enforcement Supervision Bureau told the Morning Post reporter that at around 22:20 the day before, law enforcement officers inspected vehicles for illegal muck transportation at Huaxiang Bridge, South Fourth Ring Road, Fengtai District, and found a large truck that did not meet the requirements due to the vehicle sealing device. , Law enforcement team members signaled the car to stop for inspection, but the driver turned a blind eye. When the vehicle reached Kefengqiao on the Southwest Fourth Ring Road, the law enforcement officers again signaled to accept the inspection, but the driver refused to get off the vehicle for the inspection, and contacted the other drivers of the convoy using the walkie-talkie and mobile phone. Four or five large trucks that arrived blocked all four carriageways. Seven or eight drivers threatened to push law enforcement officers and security guards, during which they knocked two security guards to the ground. The law enforcement team immediately called the police, and the truck driver hurriedly got in and drove away all four or five trucks. Currently, the police is still investigating the matter.


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