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In the early morning of January 1, the local fire department conducted an investigation at the scene of the accident. On the same day, the Propaganda Department of the Wenling Municipal Party Committee of Zhejiang Province stated that the identity of the 15 victims of the fire in the Taizhou Dadong Footwear Co., Ltd. in the city on the afternoon of the 14th have been basically mastered. The genders are 16 males and 6 females. It is understood that the specific list will be announced as soon as the public security department's DNA comparison is confirmed. Currently, Taizhou Dadong Shoes Co., Ltd. legal representative Lin, shareholder Lin, and manager Yu, have been detained by the police.

Detained by the police. This is the second floor of Taizhou Dadong Shoes Co., Ltd. where the fire broke out on January 1.

The stairs were narrow, and the factory buildings were full of debris at the time of the incident, causing congestion; 3 people at the factory were detained; 16 people died mostly because of suffocation

The Propaganda Department of the Wenling Municipal Committee of Zhejiang Province stated on the morning of the 15th that at present, the Taizhou Dadong Footwear Co., Ltd., whose legal representative Lin Mou, shareholder Lin Mou, and manager Yu Mou, had been arrested by a fire that killed 14 people on the afternoon of the 16th. Police criminal detention.

Most of the dead were from Guizhou

At present, the identities of the 16 victims have been basically mastered, and their genders are 6 men and 10 women. The specific list will be announced as soon as the DNA comparison of the public security department is confirmed.

On the afternoon of the 14th, a fire broke out in the three-story factory building of Taizhou Dadong Shoes Co., Ltd. in Yangjiawei Village, Chengbei Street, Wenling City, which caused 16 deaths and 5 injuries. Seventeen people were taken to the hospital, of which 17 were injured (5 fractured, 1 burns to the respiratory tract), and 4 were left for observation.

The police dispatched 12 forensic doctors to verify the identity of the victims overnight. Since the remains are difficult to identify after the fire, the police are stepping up their checks through DNA technology and other means. In the list of confirmed victims, most of them are employees from Guizhou, but there are also migrant workers from Anhui and Jiangxi.

Most of the causes of death are suffocation

As for the cause of the fire, Wenling said that it is still under investigation. Some employees speculated that the fire was related to the aging of the wires.

Yu Changfeng, head of the Wenling City Fire Brigade who participated in the rescue, said that the reason why so many people could not escape may be because the fire spread rapidly, and the burning of shoe materials produced a lot of dense smoke and high temperature, and many people suffocated in a short time. "The toxic smoke from a fire can suffocate with one puff, and three puffs are fatal."

Huang Xitian, vice president of Wenling First People's Hospital, said that employees’ failure to master fire escape skills is also an important reason for the heavy casualties. "It is certain that most of the 16 people died of suffocation, that is, they were smoked to death. All accidents happened when running down the third and second floors. The correct approach is to run up and wait for rescue." Huang Xitian said. Even if you jump off the 3rd floor, the escape rate is over 70%, but unfortunately everyone doesn't know.


There is only one staircase in the building without escape route

Yesterday afternoon, a cordon was set up outside the shoe factory. The burning plant was a three-story single-family building with 3 rooms on each floor. Rolling gates were installed on the ground floor. There were 7 windows on the 2nd and 3rd floors with anti-theft windows, and nothing else.

"Working during the day, the floor is not high, and there are many windows, why would it cause such serious casualties?" Mr. Lin, the owner of the grocery store opposite Taizhou Dadong Shoes Factory, said with emotion. A reporter from the Beijing News visited more than a dozen factory employees at the scene of the fire and Wenling No. XNUMX People's Hospital yesterday afternoon to understand the causes of the heavy casualties.

There is only one staircase in the building

Yang, a 28-year-old man from Guizhou, worked in Taizhou Dadong shoe factory for 6 years. He said that there were more than 100 people in the factory. When the fire broke out yesterday afternoon, more than 50 people were working in the factory.

The first floor of the factory is manufactured shoes, the second floor is glued on the uppers, and the third floor is used for the uppers. The only staircase in the house is in the middle of the house. There is a steel staircase outside on the western wall of the house, but it is almost unused. Lack of fire escape routes.

Yang said that more than 100 workers mainly use the stairs in the house every day. The corridor is very crowded when commuting, and it takes 2 minutes to walk from the first floor to the third floor during peak hours. "After the fire broke out yesterday, many people were stuck in the corridors on the 1nd and 3rd floors and did not come out."

Leng Caixiu, a female worker on the third floor when the fire broke out, said that the workshop was full of materials such as leather and finished shoes, and there were also debris in the aisle, making it difficult to walk around.

After the fire broke out, more than 30 workers on the third floor squeezed out and ran out. Leng Caixiu tripped over something when he went downstairs. “There were a lot of things piled up in the workshop, and the smoke was invisible. Waiting for someone to save."

Yang said that there was no fire bell in the factory building, and all leaned outside to shout after a fire broke out. But the window was closed on the 3rd floor and I couldn't hear it. In the end, someone rushed upstairs to inform. "If the people upstairs knew that a fire had started, they wouldn't be so flustered."