Wenling kills doctors and insists that fraud requires life to exchange truth – Australia

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Yesterday morning, the Wenling murder case on October 1, which resulted in 2 death and 10 injuries, was heard in the Intermediate People’s Court of Taizhou City, Zhejiang. The prosecutor sued the defendant Lian Enqing for intentional homicide. Lian Enqing confessed and apologized to the victim and family members in court. He denied the defense lawyer's claim that he was mentally ill, and insisted that there was a problem with the doctor's operation on his nose, and he suspected that the hospital check was fraudulent. He said that it was "worth it" to exchange his life for the truth about seeing a doctor. The case was not pronounced in court.


Prosecutors charged for intentional homicide

At 9 o'clock in the morning yesterday, the case was heard in the Second Court of the Taizhou Intermediate Court.



After breaking free of Wang Weijie’s drag, Lian Enqing stabbed Wang Yunjie’s heart again, who fell on the ground. After confirming that it was enough to kill Wang Yunjie, Lian Enqing returned to the ENT clinic to look for Cai Chaoyang, because Cai Chaoyang had already escaped. The room was locked tightly, and Lian Enqing could not enter, so he broke the door glass with a sharp knife and left the outpatient building.

After that, Lian Enqing came to the CT room of the radiology department with a knife, followed the patient into the CT operation room, mistakenly identified doctor Jiang Xiaoyong as Lin Haiyong, stabbed him several times in the abdomen, and was uniformed by the crowd and the security guards who rushed to the police station. organ. This case resulted in the death of Wang Yunjie, Jiang Xiaoyong was seriously injured, and Wang Weijie was slightly injured.

The prosecution believes that the facts of the crime in this case are clear and the evidence is indeed sufficient. Lien Enqing should be held criminally responsible for the crime of intentional homicide.

Surveillance shows the murderer stabbed 7 times in a row



The lawyer said there was discretion


Because Lian Enqing and his family gave up hiring a defense lawyer, the court appointed Zhu Shengyong, a lawyer from Zhejiang Hongda Law Firm, as his defense lawyer.



The defendant insisted that the hospital falsified

Lian Enqing’s sister said that according to the lawyer, Lian Enqing’s nose was checked twice after the incident. The first result was normal. Lian Enqing disagreed, but the second result also showed normal.

Attorney Zhu Shengyong introduced that Lian Enqing insisted in the trial that during his medical treatment, the hospital had fraudulent behaviors, including CT films, which were all fake. He used his life in exchange for the truth about his treatment. "It is worth it. ". Sister Lian Enqing, who participated in the observation yesterday, confirmed this statement to reporters.


"The result is very clear. Experts believe that the operation is good, and there is no need for another operation. At the same time, they explain in detail to the patient and provide psychological comfort."

Yesterday at 12 o'clock noon, the trial ended, and the court will choose a date to pronounce the verdict.

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