2014-01-25 08:24:14 Source: Sydney Original Website Marieedit

Sydney News on January 1th, Australian Eastern Time, have you ever wondered what level your salary is in the world?

The Davos 2014 Global Wage Calculator will tell you whether your salary is close to that of the Queen of England or a South African driver. Because this calculator will compare your salary with the world.

According to 2012 data, if your annual income is 60,000 Australian dollars, then your salary is 8% higher than the average Australian income and 17888% higher than the global average salary, which is currently $224.

If you compare it with other countries, the annual salary of A$60,000 is 17 times higher than that of teachers in Ethiopia and 8 times higher than that of cleaners in Thailand. The salary of medical workers is the same as that of Greek medical workers, but it is only 0.00078 of the Queen’s salary, or 0.22620 of the American CEO.

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