Australians actively participate in "No Pants Day"

Image source: News Limited

Yesterday, some passengers without trousers appeared on the trains and light rails of major Australian cities. This is the annual World "Pants-Free Subway Day", caused by the participation of Australian quirks.

According to the News Co., Ltd., travelers from other countries in the world also participated in the "No Pants Day" this morning. It has been 2002 years since the first No Pants Day event was held in New York in 13. "Riding the subway without pants" has become a global event, with thousands of people enthusiastically participating in major cities around the world every year.

The method of participation is very simple: on the designated transportation route on January 1 each year, wearing only underwear on the lower body, taking the subway or bus, bringing a sensational effect.

The organization requires that underwear must be worn, although other bright designs can be matched, participants must maintain the usual riding habits, so that the upper body and lower body are in sharp contrast. For example, the upper body can be matched with uniforms or work suits, and you can also push bicycles, strollers, and carry shopping bags or suitcases.

Participants can't talk to each other, they have to travel as usual: reading newspapers, reading books, knitting, etc. If I ask, I don’t know other activists, just tell them "I forgot to wear pants." "It seems to be a coincidence. When answering, be kind, friendly and calm."

In Sydney, a group of participants traveled without trousers on the Central Loop Train, and went to Bondi on the return trip. On the light rails in Melbourne and Adelaide, passengers participated in the pants-free day, and there were also participants in the north of Brisbane.

The organizers estimate that 4 people in New York will participate in the event, and more than 60 cities in the world including Hong Kong, New Delhi, Paris and London will host the event. The main theme of the activity is to "make fun of stupidity".