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Flexible working hours and the desire to shape young hearts have made teacher work the most desirable profession in 2014.
This statistic is based on a survey of 6.2 online college students. The data shows that many Australians who are over 30 and want to escape their current heavy and hopeless jobs most want to study two undergraduate degrees in education: kindergarten education and primary education.
According to data from Open Universities Australia, bachelor degrees in psychology, business and arts are also on the hot list.
The CEO of the Open University of Australia, Paul Wappett, said that the profession of teaching is becoming more and more popular-the salary of a teacher is also good, with an average annual salary of 6 yuan.
He said that another reason is that the working hours of teachers are more flexible. After many people have a family, they feel that this profession is more suitable for their family life. Another important reason is that many people see the importance of education to children's lives. They hope to be able to participate in their children's education, and being a teacher can directly participate in their children's education, with high returns.

Family burdens and insufficient financial means to switch careers are the biggest obstacles preventing people from getting the jobs they dream of.
According to the survey, less than 30% of Australians currently say they love their current job. Currently, there are 1150 million people working in Australia, which means that about 740 million Australians feel unhappy and dissatisfied in their current jobs.

NRL's career transition counseling expert Jane Lowder said Australians are now working longer hours. More and more people work part-time and part-time jobs, changing careers more frequently. It is expected that more than one million people in Australia will switch careers this year and restart their careers.
She said that for most people, career goals are more important than economics. Many people don't like their current jobs. They have to continue because of the pressure of their children and mortgages. When they are free from financial pressure, many people begin to prepare to switch careers and engage in industries they like, such as studying for a bachelor's degree in education.
The older and the richer in life experience, the more people tend to do what they think is meaningful work.
The top ten most popular degree programs in 2014 are
Bachelor of Education (Primary School)
Bachelor of Education (Preschool Education)
Bachelor of Behavior (Psychology)
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Business
Bachelor of Accounting
Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts and Visual Culture)
Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Media Communication
Bachelor of Arts (Library and Enterprise Information Management)

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