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2014-01-17 18: 55: 03


Australia Daily

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Official data released on Thursday showed that the number of employed people in Australia decreased by 12 in December, which was far behind the previous estimate of an increase of 2.26 from all walks of life, and the decline in full-time employment was as high as 1, which fully shows The severity of the problem. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) may need to adopt more aggressive measures to curb the current economic deterioration.

Societe Generale expects Australia and the United States to lose momentum

After the AUD/USD broke down, major institutions have looked to the weak exchange rate outlook. Societe Generale pointed out in a report that the AUD/USD fell below 0.8820/30 and further penetrated the 0.88 mark. The technical side was severely damaged and the exchange rate is expected to fall further.


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