Australian-Chinese female chef shortlisted for "Martian immigrants"

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Angela Chin (Image source: Northern Territory News)

A 32-year-old from the Northern Territory女子入围“火星”初始名单,成为1058位候选人中的一名,或许能够拿到参与探索这颗神秘“红色星球”的单程票。

据当地媒体《北领地新闻》报道称,秦安琪(Angela Chin音译)在小市凯瑟琳(Katherine)以西南15公里的皇家空军基地内居住和担任。当她获悉自己可能成为被选中的之一,能从 2024年起探索火星的消息后,震惊了。对这次计划感兴趣的人士,全球范围内超过20万位。从中选出一批人后,将用飞船将他们以四人一组送上火星。

Qin Anqi said: "I really like traveling, so this ultimate version of travel is more suitable for me." This time, the project called "Mars One" was planned by a non-profit organization. They plan to establish a permanent human colony on Mars by 2025. The plan is led by Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp.



She said: "These organizers choose the character of the candidate, so if the character is not suitable, they will not be selected. But Mars may not。”秦说,自己也不清楚世界上是否有外星人。她认为,离开家人和朋友对于她来说并不是个问题。

"What I did is like what the pioneers of history did-leave home and explore an unknown territory. However, I still have to tell my parents. They will think that I finally made my own life choice." The report pointed out that the lunar explorer Buzz Aldrin said that the Northern Territory is an ideal place for astronauts to practice landing on Mars because of the topography.

In March, Ms. Qin will submit a medical examination report.

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