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Professor Tao Zexuan, currently teaching at the University of California, Los Angeles, is Australia's most successful export of mathematics talents. He pointed out the day before yesterday that in the contemporary world, most students do not know the purpose and influence of mathematics.

Professor Tao Zhexuan, last year8Won the "Fields Medal" known as the Nobel Prize in mathematics(FIELDS MEDAL) , Is the youngest and first winner in Australia. He answered questions about the state of mathematics in Australia, and believes that part of it is due to the indifference and fickleness of the community, especially the provincial and federal governments, towards mathematics funding and public opinion support. He quoted the Internet search engine "Google"(GOOGLE) The example of is created by two mathematicians, which is sufficient to prove the diversification of mathematics. He said that mathematics supports everything, from banking and Internet security, to finance, disease tracking and control, efficient communication and online search. It can promote the popularization of modern applications, so students can see that mathematics is not just practice, calculation and use formulas.

"The Australian" recently reported on the Australian Academy of Sciences(CSIRO) And the Council of the Australian Academy of Sciences warned that the country has lost its knowledge base in science, because the number of students studying math and science has declined, the subject lacks competent teachers, and the knowledge of current teachers is outdated. Scientists believe that to use20It takes years to regain lost knowledge and skills. According to the report of the World Economic Forum,125Among countries, Australia’s mathematics and science education quality ranks first29Lagging behind countries including India.

Tao Zhexuan16Reading South AustraliaFLINDERSMaster's degree from university, teaching abroad since then15year. Part of the reason why he stayed abroad to work is because Australia has a poor sense of respect for science and lacks an atmosphere of passion for mathematics. His remarks and representatives6Australian Federation of Science and Technology(FASTS)Resonate. CEO Smith(BRADLEY SMITH) It pointed out that the lack of public awareness of science has caused a decline in the number of students studying this subject.

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