Wildfires everywhere in Australia

Published 20 January 2014, 14:56 AEST

With the rare high temperature in southeastern Australia last week, wildfires have also begun to raging across Australia. In New South Wales, Australia's largest state, there are still nearly 100 wildfires raging. Victoria and South Australia, which were suffering from the extreme heat and high temperature last week, took advantage of the colder weather that began last weekend to step up fire fighting.

Wildfires everywhere in Australia (Credit: ABC)

In New South Wales, the local emergency services issued a warning to a wildfire southeast of Wagga Wagga and a wildfire in the Murraguldrie State Forest area that destroyed 5 houses. Observe and act" warning. The Rural Fire Service said that firefighters are trying their best to strengthen the line of control and warn local residents to be alert for heavy smoke.

In Victoria, the second largest state, wildfires in the past week destroyed 10 houses and destroyed 13 woodlands and burned thousands of sheep. At present, the main fire threat at Halls Gap and Grampians Junction has passed. Local residents can return to their homes to assess the damage and local small businesses have reopened to tourists. However, a wildfire near Stawell in western Victoria was still out of control, and the fire authorities issued a "watch and act" warning and informed some residents that they might be in danger.

In South Australia, which is rich in red wine, at least 15 houses were burned down last weekend, and all the damages will take a few days to be clear. The local fire department said that five wildfires in the state are still burning, but they will not endanger lives and property. Wildfires in the Barossa Valley and Bangor in the Flinders Ranges are the most worrying. Among them, 2 hectares of forest land have been destroyed by wildfires in Bangor. The local commander said that the firefighters who fought hundreds of kilometers on the line of fire were exhausted.

In Western Australia, which is rich in energy and mineral resources, the fire in Brabham, a suburb of Perth that was previously told to leave their homes, eased, and the alert level was reduced to "observation and action", but the fire was still not Take full control of the note.