Sydney Today, March 3, Australian Eastern Time, affected by the mining boom, hotel prices in Perth and Brisbane have been rising, exceeding the global average.

Nationwide, hotel room rates rose 9% to AUD 166 per night. said that due to policy instability, global economic recession and severe natural disasters, global hotel prices have risen by an average of 4% this year. pointed out that after a survey of nearly 19800 hotels in 142000 regions, it was found that among Australian hotels, the price increase was the largest in Gold Coast, with a 19% increase. The current price is AUD 161 per night.

Affected by the mining boom, hotel housing has been tight in some areas. As a result, hotel prices in Brisbane rose by 18% to A$174 per night, and Perth rose by 17% to A$184 per night. The average price increase in Sydney was 8% to 181 Australian dollars per night, and Melbourne was up 9% to 158 Australian dollars per night.

However, there are also areas where prices have fallen. Hotel prices in Canberra have dropped by 2%, and are currently at AUD 184 per night. Areas such as Blue Mountains and Alice Springs have also fallen. The region with the largest decline in global hotel prices is Egypt, which fell 21% to 126 Australian dollars per night, and the United States rose 2% to 186 Australian dollars per night. (Wendy)