Australian animal zodiac comes out

Updated on 26 January 2014, 22:19 AEST
Editor: Fang Teng

Australia's 12 unique animals were recently selected by the local Chinese community in Australia, and the 12 Australian animals were compiled. This new attempt aims to strengthen the exchange and understanding of the two cultures. At the same time, I also hope to use Australia National Day and the traditional Chinese New Year to promote the exchange and interaction of the two cultures.

Chinese zodiacs Australian animal zodiac comes out (Credit: ABC Licensed)

January 1 is Australia’s National Day. And in a few days, the traditional Chinese New Year is coming. This can be said to be a joy to the Chinese in Australia. In order to allow Australians to learn more about Chinese traditional culture, to better understand the customs of Australia's largest ethnic minority group-Chinese, and at the same time, to allow Chinese in Australia to better understand the customs of Australia, their second hometown , The Australian Chinese Chamber of Commerce recently launched a unique Australian animal 26 zodiac.


In an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Zeng Weihuang, chairman of the Australian Chinese Chamber of Commerce, said that these animals were selected after interviews with Australian experts and careful research. It is worth mentioning that in the 2014 Year of the Horse, the Australian animal that matched the horse turned out to be the Kookaburra (also known as the laughing bird). Zeng Weihuang introduced that kookaburra and horses have similar personalities, that is, they are optimistic and willing to let others know their achievements.

They have made these new and old 12 zodiac signs into hard paper discs that can be studied and referenced, and hope to send them to primary and secondary schools across Australia, so that children can learn by comparison, so as to enhance the integration and understanding of Chinese culture and Australian culture.

At the same time, the Australian Post Office also published stamps, souvenirs and first day covers for the Chinese Year of the Horse as in previous years. The Australian Mint also launched a commemorative coin for the Chinese Lunar New Year. This year, many businesses have also seen the importance of the Chinese market early, and various activities to celebrate the Chinese New Year have begun in various parts of Australia.