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Posted on Tuesday, January 2014, 1 28:14

Most people can abide by the law and enjoy a safe holiday on Australia Day, but there are still about 100 people arrested and charged by the police due to excessive behavior. In addition, the police targeted another action at the Big Day Out concert in Sydney Olympic Park. 122 people were arrested for carrying or using drugs or other illegal acts.

On Sunday, a total of 2000 police officers in NSW were dispatched to the "Operation Shoreline" (Operation Shoreline) to combat anti-social and alcohol-related illegal activities.

More than 3 music fans participated in the Big Day Out concert. Drug detection dogs checked more than 570 people and the police arrested 122 people. Among them, 71 were charged with carrying drugs, 2 were charged with supplying drugs, 25 were warned, and 3 were charged with excessive behavior.

Source: Ocean Times