Approximately 100 lawbreakers arrested in NSW on Australian National Day

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Posted on Tuesday, January 2014, 1 28:14

        mostAustralia Day遵纪守法,享受安全的假日,但是仍然有大约100人由于行为过激被警方逮捕并。 除此之外,警方另一个行动目标锁定了悉林匹克公园的B Day Out的上。有122人由于携带或使用毒品或其他违法行为被逮捕。

       On Sunday, a total of 2000 police officers in NSW were dispatched to the "Operation Shoreline" (Operation Shoreline) to combat anti-social and alcohol-related illegal activities.

       B Day Out的上,有3万多的音乐参加。缉毒犬对570多人进行检查,警方抓获了122人。其中有71人被控携带毒品,2人被控提供毒品,25人被警告,3人被控行为过激。


Source: Dayang

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