Australia treats investments from China equally

Published 4 December 2013, 13:03 AEST

The Secretary of the Australian Federal Parliament responsible for agricultural affairs Richard Kubeck said that Australia treats investments from China the same as investments from other countries, and there is no difference in treatment at the level of policies and regulations.

Australian industries would benefit from laws around foreign investment, according to Associate Professor of Economics Neville Norman Australia continues to debate foreign investment in Australian farms (Credit: ABC)

In an interview with a reporter from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Mr. Kubek said that Australia needs to be more careful in its messages to Chinese investors. He pointed out that there is currently a view in China that Chinese investment in Australia is treated differently from other countries.

In the past few months, some media have made headline news reports such as "Chinese in Tasmania's dairy industry" and "Chinese investors are targeting Australia." Dairy industry".

Congressman Kubek said: "I think we have to be very careful about our remarks because the outside world is paying close attention to these remarks."

He said: "In terms of policies and regulations, compared with investments from other countries, we do not treat investments from China differently, and we treat these investments the same."