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Posted on Thursday, January 2014, 1 23:14

According to reports, the latest analysis by the Australian Child Care Association on childcare subsidies shows that Australian families, regardless of their income, believe that the government’s subsidies for childcare expenses are insufficient.

Peggy, the head of the Australian Child Care Association, said that the increasing cost of childcare has made it increasingly difficult for women with children to return to work. She pointed out: "We hope that parents can make wise choices about their own jobs, and don't worry that returning to the workplace will increase family financial pressure. We also don't want children to lack high-quality early education, because this will have a positive impact on future educational outcomes. Great influence."

Patna, a spokesperson for the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, said that the current system does not provide incentives, and some mothers do not earn extra income from working overtime.

According to reports, in the childcare service proposal submitted by the Australian Children’s Association, a simplified model is proposed. This model will directly provide reduced childcare service costs and cancel the government’s annual subsidy of $7500 per household. More Take care of low- and middle-income families.

Source: Global Times