Australian government subsidies for raising childcare costs accused of insufficient

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Posted on January 2014, 1 Thursday 14:50

  According to reports,The latest analysis by the Leah Child Care Association on childcare subsidies shows that利亚各家庭无论收入高低,均认为政府对育儿费用补贴.


  Workplace genderSpokesperson Patna said that the current system does not provide incentives, and some mothers do not earn extra income from working overtime.

  According to reports,利亚幼儿协会提交的有关托儿, Propose a simplified model,模式将直接提供减免后的育儿费用,取消政府每年向每户家庭补贴7500澳元的上限,更多地照顾中低收入的家庭。

:Global Times

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