Australian government subsidies for raising childcare costs accused of insufficient

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Posted on Thursday, January 2014, 1 23:14

  Report,The latest analysis by the Leah Child Care Association on childcare subsidies shows thatAll families in Leah, regardless of their income, believe that the government's subsidies for childcare are insufficient.

  利亚幼儿协会的负责人佩吉表示,托儿开支不断增加使得有Of越来越难于重返职场。她指出:“我们希望分为父母能对自己的有明智的抉择,不要担心回归职场会增加家庭经济。我们也不希望儿童缺少有高品质的早期教育,因为The results of future education will have a great impact. "

  Workplace gender机构发言人巴特那表示,目前的体制并未起到激励性的作用,部分母亲加班No additional income.

  Reported inAbout childcare submitted by the Leah Children’s AssociationIn the proposal, a simplified model is proposed, which will directly provide childcare after exemptionExpenses, cancel the government’s annual subsidy of A$7500 per household, and give more care to low- and middle-income families.

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