Australian husband and wife perform Chinese TV New Year performance

Published 20 January 2014, 14:01 AEST

Sri and Frans from Melbourne, Australia are the perfect singing partners of a young couple. The two of them were recently invited to represent Australia to participate in the Chinese New Year singing competition held by the TV station in Beijing, the capital of China. This is a brand new experience for Australian singers who have come to China for the first time.

Syre and Fresko Australian couples stage Chinese New Year TV show (Credit: ABC Licensed)

Syre & Fresko talked about their busy rehearsals and recordings in Beijing on the social network Facebook. The Chinese media also reported on the two Australian singers' visit to Beijing. reported that they visited the rehearsal of the Beijing folk music band "Poshang Village" in Beijing and improvised a Chinese-Australian mix-and-match temporary band performance with the band, and exchanged ideas. It is a pity that the two temporarily lost their voices due to their busy work in Beijing, and they were unable to sing a song in their mashup with the Beijing folk band "Poshang Village".

Since the newlyweds of Sri and Fransco partnered in September 2012, five original songs have entered the top seven on the independent pop song chart of the ABC Youth Music Station JJJ. They won first place on the Australian National Alternative Songs Chart.

The husband and wife work in a division of labor. The husband Sri is responsible for singing, guitar, piano and production, and his wife Frans is responsible for singing and keyboard performance.

The two didn't know each other before, and each pursued a musical career, but both focused on singing their own original works. The two young men have traveled all over the world, both having singing experience in front of the Malaysian royal family, and singing for homeless children in Uganda, Africa.

Like everyone else, they have experienced the ups and downs of their dreams come true and their dreams shattered. They work hard on their own careers, but they don’t know that the God of Destiny has arranged that they will one day meet in the form of singing and meeting friends, and then develop into couples, and eventually become husbands and wives. They combine musical talents to form a force to create exciting songs. The candid lyrics hit the heart of the audience.

Sri said that their songs mainly focus on interpersonal relationships. I wish them that their Beijing trip will push their singing career to a new height.