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1688 News After accounting for government subsidies, families with two children still need to spend as much as one-sixth of their after-tax income on childcare fees.

生产力委员会(Productivity Commission Report)周二公布的一份有关政府服务的报告披露,2012-2013财年,政府在早教和幼托服务上的支出达到了68亿元,相比2011-2012财年的61亿元实质增长了10.5%。从全澳来看,在2008-2009财年到2012-2013财年之间,实质支出的年均增幅为7.9%。


The report found that for long-day care based on childcare centers, after including government subsidies, families with one child still need to spend 8.4% to 9.7% of their weekly disposable income on childcare fees. The out-of-pocket amount for families with two children accounted for between 13.9% and 17.3% of their weekly disposable income.

From a national perspective, the average time for children to participate in long daycare based on childcare centers is 27.6 hours per week, the average time for family daycare is 25.3 hours per week, and the average time for temporary childcare is per week 11.4 hours, the average time to participate in hourly off-campus childcare is 7.4 hours per week, and the average time to participate in holiday childcare during school holidays is 28.9 hours per week.