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Australian Prime Minister’s International Stage Promotionincrease

release 24 January 2014, 14:04 AEST
Compiler: Fan Huiqiang, Editor: Ma Jianyuan

University of AustraliaPrime Minister Abbott’s World Economy Conference in SwitzerlandWhen delivering a keynote speech at the conference, they called for the implementation of free trade and the promotion ofEconomic growth.He told the business people andLeaders, stimulating growth by encouraging business is to promotecontinuedThe most effective way.

Australian Prime Minister’s International Stage PromotionGrowth (Credit: AAP) 

Abbott is the rotating chairman of the Group of Twenty (G20) this year.He said that it is better thanThirty million jobs were missing before the financial crisis.But he said that the crisis does not change the economy, And said you can’t spend money if you don’t have money.He said that it is not possible to get rich by taxes or subsidies, and debts and deficits cannot be used to solve the problems of debt and deficits.

University of AustraliaThe Prime Minister said that profit is not a dirty word, and business success is something to be proud of.He said that the University of AustraliaAs a trading nation, it will use the opportunity of the rotating chairman to promote free trade.He said that like domestic trade can growSimilarly, international trade can also grow.This is why everyone should advocate free trade.

Abbott hopes that this year’s GXNUMX will reaffirm its commitment to oppose the protection of countries., Support free trade.

He said that every country should reiterate their determination and abolish the protection of countries after the crisis.Measures.Abbott, In which country you earn money, you must pay taxes in that country.


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