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(From this newspaper) The latest analysis report of Hays Banking, the UK's largest headhunting company, pointed out that the hot housing market has spawned a large number of demand for mortgage brokers, making it one of the most popular professions in Australia.

The Hays "Quarterly Hot Occupations" report lists the jobs with the most demand in 2014 and points out that mortgage brokers are among the occupations with the most job opportunities. The report pointed out: "Given the strong real estate demand from investors and first home buyers, mortgage brokers are still one of the most popular professions."

According to the Hays report, the demographic composition of the Australian real estate market continues to change. As more and more Asian investors flood into the Australian real estate market, bilingual brokers are also in great demand.

"Important markets such as Sydney and Melbourne CBD have boosted confidence in commercial real estate, which will offset the negative impact of the resource boom after the fever has subsided." The report also pointed out that the surge in demand for mortgages has also increased the demand for credit assessors and mortgage management staff. Demand. "Due to the interest rate competition in the market, the demand for banks to prepare mortgage documents in order to attract companies and home buyers is also increasing."

Many lending banks are trying to dig out top mortgage managers from competitors to expand their market share in mortgages.

Financial planners are also considered to be a very demanding profession. "Qualified planners are also an obvious vacancy in the Australian mortgage market."

"The job mobility of wealth management in the first quarter of 2014 will also increase, but employers will require applicants to have at least 12-18 months of relevant work experience."

The rapid growth of the residential housing market has also led to a shortage of appraisers. "The lowest levels of official profits in history and fierce competition among large banks have led to lower lending standards, and at the same time boosted the demand for real estate development. Therefore, the job market urgently needs those capable of valuation, development, sale, and management of real estate. Talents."

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