Australia's largest second-hand book fair attracts crazy crowds to buy

Updated on 20 January 2014, 16:17 AEST

Australia's largest bargaining book fair is being held in Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, attracting many literary lovers to flock to and spend the entire weekend sweeping over 100 million second-hand books.

Books on sale at Lifeline Bookfest in Brisbane Australia's largest second-hand book fair attracts crazy crowds to buy (Credit: ABC)

Before the opening of the semi-annual "Lifeline Book Fair", the organizers also greeted the crowd waiting in line outside the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. A volunteer at the scene said that this book fair is like a gift box festival promotion. Seeing the excitement of people buying their favorite books and games, she also enjoyed it. Wendy Hay, a customer who accompanied her son to the book fair, said that games are a product they are looking for. She said: "I like shopping in the book market to give back to the community. This is a recyclable way, very good."

Anna Masci, the coordinator of the book fair, said that the book fair has a total of 100 million books for sale. They are 4 kilometers long on the table. There are not only books, but also DVDs, records, board games, computer software, Stationery, magazines, etc. All the products are donated, and from the perspective of the price, they are definitely worth the money. Among these commodities, there are 1 yuan zone, 2 yuan zone and high-quality price-priced commodity zone, among which there are some rare and valuable "treasure" items.

It is reported that the purpose of this book fair is to raise funds for lifeline services across Queensland. So far, more than 600 volunteers have served the book fair which lasted for 25 years. All funds raised from book sales at the book fair will be handed over to lifeline services across Queensland, including a 24-hour crisis hotline for those in need.

According to the organizer, the book fair raised 110 million Australian dollars last year, setting a record since the start of the book. The organizers hope to exceed this number this year. Right now, this book fair has been held for more than 10 days and will close on the 27th of this month.