Group photo of guests and hosts at the welcome party. Chairman Han Puguang, the sixth person from the right in the middle row.

The Australian Chinese Almshouse Singing Group recently held the first New Year's karaoke party. The party was jointly planned and performed by 40 singing group members and directors of the Xiangji Association. For the three-month preparatory process for this party, the purpose is to present a New Year gift from the Australian Chinese Masonic Association singing group to the Western District Chinese community.

"To enrich the entertainment life of the members of the Chinese community in the Western District" has always been one of the important tasks of the Australian Chinese Almshouse Community Service. As one of the important representatives of the Chinese community in the Western District, the Australian Chinese Adolescent Association has pioneered and innovated, brainstormed, and used public voting in this evening party, allowing the audience to vote openly to select the most popular singing performer of the evening. Present our carefully prepared gifts to the award-winning performers. The public vote has been recognized by everyone, which not only improves the enthusiasm of the singers, but also allows the audience to fully integrate into the party.

At 7 o’clock in the evening, the Australian Chinese Masonic Association Auditorium was full of brilliance. Chairman Han Puguang and Secretary-General Chen Tanzhen delivered speeches before and after the party. On behalf of all the Association’s directors and supervisors, they extended a warm welcome to all guests and extended their sincere greetings. Congratulations to the holiday.

The affectionate and graceful chorus of the Australian Chinese Masonic Association Haiyun Chorus acted as the opening performance of the party, bringing the audience into the peaceful and warm atmosphere of the party. The following wonderful performances such as the piano duet, Chairman Han Puguang and Secretary-General Chen Tanzhen's impromptu singing, took turns to hit the audience from time to time; many familiar songs continued to appear on the stage. Various performances including Chinese folk songs, Huangmei opera, duet singing, group singing, male and female duet singing, etc. provided a wonderful audio-visual feast for the audience. Finally, the party ended successfully with the chorus of "Tomorrow Will Be Better".