Australian National University female student was raped on the beach by tour guide – Australian News – Sydney

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2014-01-27 16:26:30 Source: Sydney Original URL  Marieedit

          Sydney News Australia East1月27日 据报道,澳洲一所大学的大学生斯里兰卡游学的过程中被一名导游.

            据斯里兰卡当地媒体周日的,警方正位于斯里兰卡Ambalangoda的南部小镇寻找一名, theSuspected一个海滩A young woman.

           Sri Lankan online media Colombo Page said that the woman was a student from the Australian National University (ANU), and she was one of 15 Australian students who came to study in this small town.

           斯里兰卡另外一家网络媒体Daily Mirror则,自去年12月开始,她就一个海龟保育中心(Turtle hatchery)担当志愿者,这也是她Part of the project.

          Ministry of Foreign Affairs ()的一名女证实,外交部已经获悉了这起案。“我们正For one斯里兰卡的澳洲女子提供领事协助。”她.

          Australian National University对Fairfax Media称,国立大学也Investigate.


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