time:2010-02-23source:The Australian Times Author:network management


After five years of hard work, he successfully created an international and vibrant metropolis image for Melbourne. On the 5th, he defeated the second-placed mayor of Amsterdam JOB COHEN and the third-placed city of Harrisburg in the United States. Long STEPHEN REED, was successfully elected as the "World's Best Mayor".

On the morning of the 5th, Su Zhenxi opened champagne outside the city hall to celebrate and accepted congratulations from reporters and citizens. He was deeply honored that he was recognized by the world and won the honor of the world's best mayor. He also modestly stated that this reputation belongs to the City of Melbourne and every citizen.

According to reports, Su Zhenxi is the only person in Australia to be nominated as the world's best mayor this year and competes with 676 mayors from other countries.


Su Zhenxi thanked voters and citizens for their support and trust on the 5th. He said that he was very happy and unforgettable to cooperate with many societies and organizations during his tenure, and said that he loved this city very much.

It is reported that the "World's Best Mayor" award ceremony will be arranged early next year.