Sydney Today, March 3, Australia Eastern Time, Broadway is changing from a colonial slum to one of Sydney's most sought-after residential areas. Broadway, once a swamp, slaughterhouse and factory area, will be transformed into one of Sydney's most design architectural areas.

The first phase of the project will appear on the map of Sydney within two years. These buildings are highly designed, ranging from the "Babylon Sky Garden" apartment in Frasers Central Park to the new wavy roof of St Barnabas Church, to the crumpled The bag-like Frank Gehry University campus and the "rib-shaped" glass UTS Broadway Building.

Broadway will build 140 new apartments, a four-story shopping mall, bolt hole bars, AL-open-air restaurants and cafes. The 1835 brewery witnessing the history of Broadway will be remodeled and built into a new shopping mall and loft apartment. The former administration building of Foster may become a boutique hotel. The 6 hectares of brewery land will be developed by Frasers to build 800 student apartments and 5000 square meters of office space, as well as high-tech IT companies.

The multi-billion dollar project will eventually change the status quo in this forgotten area of ​​Sydney. Broadway, previously known as the "slum" in the outer suburbs of Sydney, will become a cluster of industrial and residential areas in Sydney. Guy Pahor, Chairman of Frasers Real Estate in Australia, said: "This kind of story of turning'rotten' into'magic' has occurred in many major cities in the world, from the meat packaging district in New York to the London docklands. Because of this. Manufacturers will move out of the city, they will leave high-end residential areas, this will be a catalyst for future revitalization, and it will also be a prominent part of a city."

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Technology Sydney, Ross Milbourne, said: “The University of Technology Sydney has a master plan of A$10 billion and Frasers also has a development project of A$20 billion. The CBD in South Sydney is undergoing a magnificent transformation. It can become part of the urban campus planning. , We are very proud; in a few years, it will become a world-class vibrant cultural and commercial center."

Broadway, Thomas St and the famous UTS Business School Gehry's buildings, the central tower and the piers near the two A$2.8 million metal towers will all be completed in 2014. (Wendy)