Sydney Today, March 3th, Australian Eastern Time. When buying a house, what are you willing to pay extra for? The survey found that most buyers want to own a house with a lawn and are willing to pay about 8% more for it.

Real estate agents conducted a nationwide study and found that most Australians want to have a backyard house and are willing to pay an extra $7.5 for the lawn. A survey conducted by Turf Australia's agents in Sydney showed that the average house price in Sydney is A$44, while the price of a house with lawn can be as high as A$8.3. Similarly, in Melbourne, home buyers are willing to spend A$42 more on the average purchase price of A$8 to own a house with a lawn. Nationally, a house with an average price of A$42 can increase in price by at least A$7.5 if a lawn is added.


Picture: Courier Mail

The survey conducted a survey of 114 real estate agents across the country. The study found that in Victoria, lawns can add 19% to a house; followed by 16% in New South Wales, and 12 in Queensland and South Australia. %, Western Australia is 8%. One-third of brokers believe that home buyers believe that lawns can make their homes more beautiful and more vibrant. But three-quarters of people believe that home buyers want to give their children a safe place to entertain. In addition, young couples and those who want to expand the area of ​​the house also favor houses with lawns.

The survey also found that people expect the size of the courtyard to account for one-third of the total housing area. LJ Hooker CEO Janusz Hooker said that many home buyers will include lawns or courtyards in their budgets when looking for suitable houses. Hooker said: "In 2012, row houses or larger suburban houses with lawns will still be the darlings of the market. For home sellers, all they have to do is to maintain the lawn so that it looks like it is being taken care of. It’s not bad, you can welcome the new owner at any time; so you can give full play to its added value."

The agent pointed out that one-third of home buyers have three primary conditions for the house: a beautiful courtyard, a quiet environment, and multiple bedrooms; the courtyard ranks first. Gardener and TV personality Jody Rigby pointed out: This survey shows that most buyers believe that their yard should be a real lawn. She also said: “Although the new artificial grass is also beneficial to the environment, it is obvious that people don’t like it very much. Playing in the lawn and growing up seems to be the Australian way of life; although the children run on the lawn every day. It’s not as difficult as we thought to keep the lawn beautiful. (Wendy)