Australia: First-time homebuyer savings account demand reduced by nearly 8%

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       Sydney Today, April 4, Australia Eastern Time for the first timeThe number of demand for consumer savings accounts has decreased significantly, but the savings balance has increased significantly.

       澳大利亚局的最新数据表明:去年最后一季度新开首次The number of consumer savings accounts is 800, a sharp decrease from 2011 in the first quarter of 4500.However, the average balance was 8230 Australian dollars, the highest for the year, which was a lot higher than the 7633 Australian dollars in the third quarter.

       Kara Burgess works as a human resources manager in a company. He is 29 years old and opened a new one last year.者储蓄账户(FHSA),: "I hope to deposit 6 to 7 Australian dollars soon. I now deposit at least 1000 Australian dollars every month, plus various bonuses."

       The FHSA was launched by the Federal Government in October 2008. It provides protection for anyone between the ages of 10 and 18 who are not in Australia.有用。每年澳洲政府都会给首次The initial A$5500 in your savings account adds an additional 17% bonus; that is to say, if you save A$5500 in a year, the government will give you an additional A$935.


       CEO Steve James said that they would者提供很多激励措施,他说:“FHSA是一个很神奇的账户,他们可以存入资金并为未来做打算,我们为大约1100人开了此类账户,他们的存款累计大约1000万澳元,账户的平均余额为1万到1.1万澳元。”

       Loan et公司的发言人Paul Smith说:“人们对此类账户的态度是‘是非各占一半’;因为政府可以为你每年首存的5500澳元提供17%的奖金,而且还可以收到来自银行的利息,这可以鼓励人们储蓄或者做其他事情。然而,如果你开了FHSA,但是后来又不想买房了,那么你是不能把钱取出来的,你只能把那些钱转到你的养老金账户中。”(Wendy)


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