Australia faces challenges in its future food self-sufficiency | Australia

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澳洲未来粮食自给face the challenge

Published 4 December 2013, 14:26 AEST


Global temperatures are expected to rise by four degrees if carbon emissions continue at their current rate. Global warming will bring catastrophic weather (Credit: ABC) 

Australian Broadcasting报道,这些学者们在本周出版了一部新书,以目前碳将使地球温度在五十年时间内上升四摄氏度为前提,对此种将造成的经济影响进行了预测。

Australian Broadcasting报道,该书作者之一、澳大利亚墨尔本大学的卡罗里教授说,如果上述状况,澳大利亚将会面临更多热浪、丛林大火及洪水灾害的风险,将会大幅度减少。


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