Australia's future food self-sufficiency is facing challenges

Published 4 December 2013, 14:26 AEST

A group of Australian scientists and economists said that if climate warming progresses at the current rate, Australia may not be able to provide enough food for its citizens in the future, let alone become the world’s granary.

Global temperatures are expected to rise by four degrees if carbon emissions continue at their current rate. Global warming will bring catastrophic weather (Credit: ABC)

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported that these scholars published a new book this week, based on the premise that the current carbon emissions will increase the earth's temperature by four degrees Celsius in XNUMX years, and predict the economic impact of this situation. .

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported that one of the authors of the book, Professor Carrollie of the University of Melbourne, Australia, said that if the above situation occurs, Australia will face more risks of heat waves, bushfires and floods, and crop yields will be greatly reduced. .

Professor Carrolli said that substantial reductions in carbon emissions may prevent this catastrophic situation from happening. He said: "The whole world is seeking to reduce carbon emissions quickly. We still have the opportunity to achieve this goal by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing the use of fossil energy and protecting land."