2014-01-24 09:41:27 Source: Sydney Original Website Alisonedit

SYDNEY - On January 1, Eastern Time, Australia, an expert said that two giant box jellyfish found by lifeguards on the northern beaches of Queensland could kill 24 people.

On Wednesday, the two 30-centimeter-diameter jellyfish were found by lifeguards after they washed up on Balgal Beach, 60 kilometers north of Townsville. When they were found, the two were still alive.

Russell Blanchard, Supervisor of Surf Lifeguards in Townsville, said the two deadly jellyfish were the largest jellyfish caught this summer. "Large jellyfish have been seen before, but it is really rare to catch such a big jellyfish."

Usually, local lifeguards catch jellyfish and they will send them to James Cook University for research. But this time, due to the huge size of jellyfish, there is no such big bucket to hold them. In order to protect pedestrians on the beach, lifeguards had to bury them in the sand and let them die and decompose quickly.

CSIRO marine poison expert Lisa Gershwin believes that these two jellyfish may have been left over from the previous summer. When they grow up to this size, they are already very poisonous, and each can kill 60 people.