Australian male caught gangster was chased and killed while driving away but knocked down innocent passersby – Australian News – Sydney

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2014-01-28 10:21:45 Source: Sydney Original URL  Celiaedit

        Sydney News January 1, AEST Inside a residential house in VictoriaWith a groupThere was a dispute, but unexpectedly, he injured a passerby and made his life dying.

        According to the police, at around 1am on Tuesday,After arguing with a group of people in Seymour’s house, the group approached with a metal rod and a wooden stick..

        Immediately drove away, while the group of people chased behind.

        Suddenly turned around and prepared to gangIn the past, but unexpectedly injured a 30-year-old.

        The police then30-year-old SeymourHe is currently assisting the police in the investigation.

        And injuredStill in Alfred Hospital.

        The police believe that in the gangKnow each other and said that the investigation is continuing.


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