Australia website tries to create a good wine culture

Published 20 January 2014, 13:47 AEST

After binge drinking, alcohol-induced violence has increasingly attracted the attention of the Australian public. Many citizens have questioned the normalization of this bad habit in society. Why do so many Australians drink so much alcohol?

Alcohol consumption_20131120 Australia website tries to create a good wine culture (Credit: ABC)

In response to this growing culture of binge drinking, a web page called "Hello, Sunday morning" came into being. Its purpose is to change the relationship between Australians and drinking. I hope these heavy drinkers can stay sober for a Sunday. , So that they can do something after getting up.

Since its establishment in 2010, more than XNUMX people from all over the world have signed a pledge to stay awake for at least three months. People share their experiences of not drinking, the social pressures they face, the demons they conquered, and the goals they achieved on this site.

Nicole Cliff (Nicole Cliff) said that she signed the pledge because she felt that her life had deviated from the direction of her own life, so she decided to change her life.

In fact, this website does not ask people to abstain from alcohol, but hopes that people can stop drinking when drinking, or stop drinking for a period of time, in order to make a reassessment of their drinking.

"Hello, Sunday morning" general manager Jamie Moore said that although he does not drink on Sundays, drinking on weekends often prevents him from doing anything. Therefore, "Hello, Sunday morning" is just a simple idea to make people believe that they can maintain their self-confidence without alcohol, and more importantly, let people know that being an Australian does not necessarily require drinking.