Australian Open Day XNUMX: Stay away from the summer and watch the match | Australia

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Australian Open Day XNUMX: Stay away from the summer and watch the match

Updated on 16 January 2014, 13:38 AEST

Although it has been hot day after day, but those who went to watch the Australian Open in these two days人数仍然打记录。不过We also pay great attention to sun protection and summer heat.

The unique blue field of the Australian Open is even more dazzling under the hot sunlight. 2014 Australian UniversityTennis Open entered the third day, the temperature in Melbourne still climbed to 40 degrees, but there are still many前往澳网观看比赛。不过在观赛的同时,They also pay attention to sun protection and find their own way to escape the summer heat.

On的急救人员说,他们基本上没有遇到因高温或失水而感觉不适的病人,他们全天基本上就是给需要的员发邦迪窗口贴,因为新网球鞋的脚Frayed skin.

These two women are wearing umbrellas and sunscreen while watching the tennis match.Good! (ABC: Lily Partland)


SmallStand in front of the big fan blowing out the mist to cool off. (ABC: Lily Partland)


From Taiwan. (ABC: Lily Partland)

The fountain in the Australian Open and the outdoor seating next to it are very popular. (ABC:Jenni Henderson)

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