Australian Open Day XNUMX: Stay away from the summer and watch the match | Australia

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!


Update to 16 Jary 2014, 13:38 AEST

Although it has been hot day after day, I went there these two days观赛的球迷人数仍然打破了记录。不过球迷们也都非常注意防晒避暑。

special蓝色场地在热辣辣的照射下更加耀眼。2014澳大公开赛进入第三天,墨尔本依然攀升到了40度,不过仍然有众多的球迷前往现场观看比赛。不过在观赛的同时,球迷们Pay attention to sun protection and find out their own way to escape the heat.


Look at these two ladies赛的同时打伞防晒还抹防晒油,做的好!(ABC: Lily Partland)


Small fansIt was cool before the big fan blowing out the mist. (ABC: Lily Partland)


Fans from Taiwan. (ABC: Lily Partland)


中的喷水池及旁边的露天座很. (ABC:Jenni Henderson)


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