Australian Open Day XNUMX: Stay away from the summer and watch the match

Updated on 16 January 2014, 13:38 AEST

Despite the high temperatures for several days, the number of fans who went to the Australian Open in these two days still broke the record. However, the fans also pay great attention to sun protection.

The unique blue field of the Australian Open is even more dazzling under the hot sunlight. The 2014 Australian Open entered its third day, and the temperature in Melbourne still rose to 40 degrees, but there were still many fans going to the Australian Open to watch the game. However, while watching the game, the fans also paid attention to sun protection and found their own way to escape the heat.

The first responders at the scene said that they basically did not encounter patients who felt unwell due to high temperature or loss of water. They basically distributed Bondi window stickers to athletes in need throughout the day, because the feet wearing new tennis shoes are easy to wear. Broken skin.

The two ladies are wearing umbrellas and sunscreen while watching the tennis match. They did a good job! (ABC: Lily Partland)

The little fan stood cool in front of the big fan blowing out water mist. (ABC: Lily Partland)

Fans from Taiwan. (ABC: Lily Partland)

The fountain in the Australian Open and the outdoor seating next to it are very popular. (ABC:Jenni Henderson)