Australian police warn that eating poppies can be fatal

Published 21 January 2014, 13:50 AEST
Compiler: Fan Huiqiang, Editor: Penning

After 1000 poppy heads were stolen by thieves on a farm in Tasmania, Australia, the state police issued a warning about the dangers of eating poppies.

poppy farming Australian police warn that eating poppies can be fatal (Credit: ABC)

It is understood that in the last ten years, several people have died due to the use of poppies, including a teenager in Tasmania. In 2012, the teenager searched the Internet for how to use poppy head. He died after drinking the poppy head tea he brewed.

Sheriff Bob Schiwy said it is an indisputable fact that eating poppies can be fatal. He said that even if it is not fatal, eating poppies can cause blindness.

The police are still unable to determine how these poppy heads were stolen from the farm. They hope that someone can provide any suspicious phenomena, such as having seen suspicious people or suspicious vehicles.

Police said that in the last fiscal year, nearly 3000 poppy heads were stolen from Tasmanian farms.

Glynn Williams, a poppy grower in Tasmania, said it is very dangerous for anyone to use poppy heads. This is because poppies in Tasmania are different from those grown in other places. The poppies used to make morphine are different. He said that some of the poppy varieties in Tasmania were obtained through hybridization and contained different alkaloids. He said that some alkaloids are highly toxic.

Williams said that they may look the same, but the ingredients inside are different.