Australia Post may charge a daily delivery service fee | Australia

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The Australian Post Office may receive daily delivery

Update to 22 Jary 2014, 16:36 AEST
Compilation: Yan Li, editor: Fang Teng


Play Me, I'm YoursAustralia Post postie Australia Post may charge daily deliveryCriticism (Credit: Audience Submitted) 


A charity in South Australia, the Council of Social Service (Council of Social Service) criticized that if the post office really began to implement such a policy, it wouldis veryYes, because they rely more on the daily service of the post office.

The NSW Business Chamber in New South Wales stated that for many companies and commercial organizations in remote areas, the daily mail delivery service is very important, and the fee for this will make them more competitive. The market is in a more difficult situation.


At present, due to the rapid popularity of online shopping,The post office is very profitable in parcel delivery, so overall it still made more than 300 million Australian dollars in after-tax profits last year.

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